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We are now offering 3 in-home private Service Dog training sessions, customized to the individuals needs! Convienence in your own home. No need to travel. 1 on 1 training. Schedule flexibility. Customized training. Confidentiality. Call the office to schedule an appointment : 702-396-8501. $225.00...

Reactive Dog Class

A class to help your reactive dog! Click here to sign up for class. WEEK 1 WILL BE FOR STUDENTS ONLY, NOT DOGS! Does your dog act aggressive, barking, lunging and over-reacting toward other dogs, people, kids or other stimuli? If so, you may have a 'reactive dog'. This 6-week class will teach you why your...

Keep up with your agility training at Novice Agility!

Have you just finished Intro to Agility? Maybe you haven't been to agility class in a while and need to warm up your skills. Novice Agility is the next great step for you! Whether your preparing to compete or you and your furry friend just want a fun hobby together, Novice Agility is your class!

Introducing Rally Freestyle!

Have you ever wanted to do Canine Freestyle Dance with your dog but don't know where to go or how to get started? We have a FUN and EXCITING new sport that combines Rally Obedience and Canine Freestyle. By following some simple Rally signs on the floor and combining a cute simple behavior at the next sign, you now ...

What’s it like? KinderPuppy Class!

Thinking about attending a KinderPuppy Class? KinderPuppy is for dogs 6 months and younger! This class gives the puppy the fundamentals to be a good companion at home as well as out in public, at the groomers, or veterinarian. Puppies learn basic commands such as sit, down, come and stay. Exercises learned includ...

What happens after Basic Obedience?

Have you finished your Basic Obedience Class and are looking for something more? We have Intermediate through Competition Obedience Classes at both of our locations on our schedule now are ready for sign ups. We have great, talented and experienced trainers at both of our locations! Today we are doing a small highl...

Why You Should Take Your Urban Puppy to Socials After Just One Set of Shots

Dr. Bonnie Beaver, former president of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists presented a study titled "Dangerous Dog Conference" at the University of California/Davis.Dr Beaver highlighted a study on the risk of partially-vaccinated puppies contracting parvovirus at indoor puppy socials. The result? Pupp...

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

Brush Your Dog's Teeth to Avoid Serious Health Problems Although veterinary dental specialists would prefer that all owners brush their dogs' teeth, the fact is that some dogs need it more than others. The accumulation of plaque (a "biofilm" on the teeth that contains bacteria) and tartar (a mineralized concretion of ...

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