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Once again we are going to host a NADAC Video Trial on Saturday June 13, starting at 9:00 AM
Please complete the entry form and bring your entry fee with you on Saturday.
There will be three levels of Barrelers Novice, Open , and Elite.
Todd will contact you with a time when you will run your course.
Additional entry forms will be at Rancho and Russell buildings.
Your entry fee per run will include the NADAC fee for viewing your runs and Todd will submit the runs for all of us.
Registration Form (PDF)
Registration Form (Excel)

COVID-19 Impact: We are following strict CDC and Governor Sisolak guidelines.

New classes are posted on the website with the new start dates. We hope everyone will be understanding and know that the new classes will start just as soon as the current ones are finished. We will be practicing social distancing of 6 feet, and suggesting that students wear masks when possible. SmartyPaws has hand sanitizer and wipes and regularly cleans public areas. Our Day Care and Boot Camp clients will continue to drop off and pick up at curbside until further notice. Please be mindful when coming in and leaving the building between classes that we do not crowd the door entrance. We may have to ask you to wait outside to allow the previous class to leave the building in a safe manner before entering SmartyPaws. We love and appreciate all of our clients and their amazing dogs and want to make this a positive and safe experience for everyone.

Our Russell Rd Day Care and Boot Camp is only open on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for now, until further notice.

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